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As a multimedia journalist at CBS News I create content for our digital platforms. I pitch, shoot, edit and report original pieces which dive deeper into though-provoking topics for CBSN, our digital news network, and For our social media team, I launched a weekly Snapchat and Instagram interview series in which I give viewers an immersive look at CBS News coverage and have executed live field reporting such as coverage of 2016 election day. For CBSN, I produce daily segments, over 100 to date, from breaking news to global politics to science to history to tech to culture. I've also served as a digital line producer for CBSN, creating and coding our rundowns and writing for Prior to that, I was a freelance Associate Producer on CBS News' foreign desk, helping coordinate the network's international news coverage. Below is some of my work. 

This piece, and the two following, are part of an emerging tech series I produced, reported and hosted for CBS News.

I asked Alexa and Google Assistant how to find my data.
Here's what they said

I wrote, hosted, shot and helped animate the explainer above on how to monitor ‘screen time’ and the larger implications of device addiction. I also wrote and produced the full cross-platform piece linked here.

Interview with creator of Swale, NYC artist Mary Mattingly

Mary Mattingly, the New York-based artist behind Swale, a floating garden in the Bronx, discusses how it was created and how the project has grown in its second year.
Anisha Nandi Swale Post
Mary Mattingly is a New York-based artist who created Swale, a floating garden docked in the Bronx, with the aim of bringing awareness to the lack of access to fresh, affordable options in food deserts. Here she discusses what inspired this project.

Social Media Teaser

With this installment of 'CBSN Off Script' I integrated visual, written and shareable components throughout the article to provide a holistic experience across all of CBS News' digital platforms. The character-driven focus of the piece gave us the ability to showcase Naseem's story on social media; Mary's perspective as an artist and founder complimented the written piece on

This piece performed in the top 30 video on demand titles on and displayed above average engagement and watch time.

"This is the best story i have read today...Up here in the great northwest.[WashingtonState] ...we have the luxury and enjoy FRESH on a daily basis....This is great for those who otherwise do not have that luxury..." -kevins90sc

In this piece, I wanted to make sure the content was seamlessly immersive and integrated cross-platform. From shooting, editing and producing a top-performing CBSN video to crafting a CBS News social video that garnered over 60K views to writing an in-depth article with a custom URL, the content immersed our audience in the topic. 

Anisha Nandi Shot Project
Anisha Nandi CBS News Tweet Shot Project
Anisha Nandi Facebook Post Shot Project

This was a piece I was tasked to put together for CBSN and by our anchor Vladimir Duthiers and executive producer. They assigned this piece with particular challenges such as the different voices, perspectives and time restraints involved knowing I had executed the creation of previous cross-platform, original pieces. After the release of this piece I substantiated our work with timely context such as this interview with the Sacramento Mayor which I wrote, produced, researched and rolled-out live in the control room.

Snapchat/Instagram Stories

Shortly after joining CBS News I launched a social media initiative in which I interview guests weekly on our Snapchat and Instagram stories platforms. This takes viewers inside stories covered on CBS News, directly to the source and gives them an immersive, transparent look at our coverage. In the process I've generated approximately 1M impressions on these platforms and driven users to stories across our digital coverage. You can watch the stories live at CBSNews on Snapchat and Instagram and see some highlights below.


I covered the Clinton campaign live for CBS News on Facebook throughout election day and night. I filed stories and live updates on FB Live, Snapchat and Instagram. 

This is a piece I pitched, shot, edited and reported on for CBS News. It aired on CBSN and was published online alongside a written article exploring the history and context of 'adventure playgrounds.'


Below are a sample of segments I've produced for CBSN and As an associate producer I've produced over 100 of these segments, up to three or four a day, from breaking news, tech, history, crimescience, international relations, weather, politics, natural disasters and entertainment.  I'm responsible for orchestrating all aspects from writing questions, scripting copy, gathering elements, executing the control room roll-out and maximizing SEO. I try to focus on unique angles into day-of news and the pulse of what can spark dialogue such as producing our CBS interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez prior to her upset victory in the NY primary.

YRSA Daley-Ward on instagram poetry & her new memoir

This was an in-studio piece that I wrote, produced and coordinated cross-platform coverage on our digital and social media channels.



On the ground amid syria airstrikes

+ Also produced Nat SND packages such as a mash-up of March for Our Lives Rally that generated a large amount of our traffic cross-platform coverage 




Sacramento mayor: "Implied racism" an "undeniable factor" in police shootings









Written Articles on Gender Identity

Actress Laverne Cox on transgender rights, her new role

This is a piece I wrote detailing the milestone events for the transgender movement in light of transgender activist and actress Laverne Cox's new role in "Doubt."


I pitch and write stories for CBSN and

For transgender student, Greek Life alluring but elusive

I pitched and published an article on one of the first transgender students to rush the 15 sororities at the University of Michigan. It gained over 700 online 'shares' and was promoted by CBS News' Twitter and Facebook accounts to over 4 million followers.


Digital Line Producing

As a digital line producer I created rundowns, edited, coded and pushed content to keep CBSN's 24/7 stream live and constantly fresh. It's a job that requires a keen attention to detail, quick-thinking and performance under pressure. As part of my role as a digital line producer, I often functioned as a one-man-band for breaking and ongoing news. . For example, during a North Korea missile launch story, I coordinated and wrote track for our reporter, gathered elements and crash-edited an insert for our air on a night when I was alone in the newsroom. This job enabled s me to truly understand the exhilarating operation of CBSN on a much deeper level of the inner-workings, logistics and scope of this one of a kind streaming network. 

Foreign Desk

Previously I was also with CBS News' Foreign Desk. As an intern and freelance Associate Producer I helped coordinate CBS News' international coverage across our various shows and platforms, gathering international news leads and sending out company-wide "Foreign Outlooks". I also launched a Twitter imitative that increased our number of tweets ten-fold and brought higher engagement and follower count throughout my time on the desk.