Multimedia Reporting Reel 

This is sampling of pieces I've pitched, reported on, shot, edited, and launched.

I seek and share unique, compelling stories through hands-on digital journalism.

I am constantly looking for innovative ways to tell unique stories through digital content driven by context and characters. I currently work for NBC News where I’m building distinctive, contextual stories for our newly-launched OTT network, NBC News Now. I piloted and host a mixed reality series in which I explain concepts from facial recognition to 5G. Prior to that, I was in CBS News’ digital newsroom reporting, producing and launching cross-platform, original content. I also launched and run a digital interview initiative called Pangea. My background as a Trinidadian born in England and raised in New York gives me a deep appreciation for finding stories that widen perspectives through nuanced narratives on a range of issues. I was recently given the 2018 Emerging Caribbean American Leader/Change Maker award for my work. 

In this episode in our mixed-reality series, I interview Sundeep Rangan of NYU Wireless about why it’s so hard to make a 5G phone.

Full CBS News piece linked here. For this piece, I went inside a 5G-enabled lab to see how 5G could power a volumetric capture room to generate a hologram of me in under 20 minutes.

original Reporting

I asked Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant how to find my data. Here's what they said.

Here’s the full CBS News cross-platform piece. This is part of a tech series I’ve developing with our partners at CNET which includes more content like this.

Are you addicted to your iPhone?

Full CBS News piece linked here. This piece that I pitched, shot, wrote and produced focuses on the experience of the survivors of gun violence. The news cycle often focuses on the lives lost in shootings but with these piece I wanted to focus on the narratives of those who survived a shooting. Their experiences dealing with loss, recovery and perseverance to spread their stories were incredibly powerful. 

"Floating food forest" docks at one of the largest food deserts

Full CBS News piece linked here. I pitched, shot, edited and produced this piece on a 'floating food forest' growing aboard a repurposed barge in one of the largest food deserts in the nation. The issue of food accessibility in impoverished neighborhoods is one I felt was often overlooked yet impacts the lives of so many people such as Naseem, one of the main voices in the piece.

Neighborhood policing program builds relationships to cut crime

Full CBS News piece here. Our executive producer and anchor tasked me with putting this piece together. After the release of this piece I substantiated our work with timely context such as an interview with the Sacramento Mayor which I wrote, produced, researched and rolled-out live in the control room.

Transforming what was once the world's largest landfill to a park

Full CBS News piece linked here. This article and video showcased the transformation of the Freshkills landfill, once the world's largest landfill, to the largest park developed in NYC in over a century. It was pitched to me by a fellow CBS News producer and I shot, edited and wrote up the full piece. It was also an opportunity to teach others in the newsroom my workflow in creating pieces.

field reporting & hosting

I covered the Clinton campaign live for CBS News on Facebook throughout election day and night. I filed stories and live updates on FB Live, Snapchat and Instagram from inside Clinton's watch party and around NYC. Watch the highlights here.



I launched a social media initiative in 2015 for CBS News on Instagram and Snapchat and continue to host the interview series each week. Above is a sampling of interviews I’ve done for the social media series.

This is a piece I pitched, shot, edited and wrote on 'adventure playgrounds.' These spaces provide an opportunity for children in urbanized areas to "free play" with dangerous objects such as saws, hammers and nails. With that exposure to danger, children actually embraced the opportunity to act responsibly, regulate their own activities and create innovative solutions and strucutres with their peers.

Guest Segment Producing

Yrsa social screenshot.JPG

I also produce daily guest segments on everything from breaking news, tech, history, crimescience, international relations, weather, politics, natural disasters and entertainment. This is guest segment I recently produced, wrote and coordinated digital and social media roll-out for. I try to find unique angles and keep my finger on the pulse of upcoming stories, such as producing the CBS interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez prior to her major win against Joe Crowly.



Yrsa screen shot.PNG

I wrote the article, did the Snapchat/Instagram interviews and coordinated the broadcast roll-out of this piece on Evening News.