As an anchor and multimedia producer for WOLV-TV, I covered international, national and local news stories for Ann Arbor's only local newscast, "Newsfeed."


 From the most exciting and relevant on-campus news to international news segments, Newsfeed has it all. We are committed to delivering news to our viewers with quality, timely content. As Ann Arbor’s only local Newscast, Newsfeed covers a breadth of topics from upcoming events on campus, political and economic updates and breaking global coverage. We also interview prominent people on and off campus with riveting work and stories to share. I have also done interviews and worked closely with Wake Up with Wolv, our morning show broadcast on Friday mornings. It covers a wide variety of topics from campus to national, trending topics. 



Anchor Reel 

NEWSFEED: November 18, 2015






I covered SpringFest 2015 for WOLV-TV. The festival sponsored by MUSIC Matters has included performances from artists including J. Cole, Ben Folds, 2 Chainz and most recently, Common who recently won an Oscar for 'Glory' for best original song. I organized the coverage for this event, shot the whole day of activities and evening concert with the help of another videographer Armen Nercesian and edited it together for the video package above. 

WOLV-TV's Election Special

Below check out WOLV-TV's Election Special. Below is the livestreamed footage from Meerkat and my interview with the Make Michigan candiates. You can also check out the published footage on our vimeo page. Livestreaming Meerkat from my phone was an exciting new experience and opportunity demonstrating the importance of innovation in the current journalistic era. 

Interview with Alexandria Najarian

I sat down with tennis player, Alexandria Najarian to talk about her success this season and goals for the future. I also floor-directed this episode of WOLV, the last of this season

Interview with Diane Masket 

I sat down with Diane Masket, President of Michigan Health Aid at 8 minutes  and 4 seconds. 

U of M alum and Director of award-winning comedy, the Big Bang Theory, visited the university to talk about humor and health. I organized, shot, interviewed speakers and edited this package on Monday to air this Wednesday (2.26.15).

February 18th, 2015 Newsfeed episode. Anchored and produced this week. 

February 11th, 2015 Newsfeed Episode 

Newsfeed is back! 

We are back to posting episodes on Vimeo and  working towards more live-content, compelling interviews, video packages and more original content from WOLV-TV.  I directed our very first episode, tech-directed and produced our second, anchored our third (which will be posted later today, 2.12.15) and will be scripting and anchoring next week's episode as well. 

Be sure to check out all of WOLV's shows right here. I am thoroughly enjoying delving into this new season as a producer and anchor for "Newsfeed". Thanks for tuning in and remember, where you go- Go Blue! 

Live Coverage of Die-In in Law Quad 

die-in 1
die-in 2


(from WOLV-TV's social media)

On December 5th at 12pm U of M students gathered in the law quad for a solidarity picture and Die-In in light of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. The Black Law Student Association organized this demonstration in reaction to the decisions not to indict the police officers responsible for the deaths of Brown and Garner. Students took a picture in front of the law quad, then entered the reading room and collapsed on the floor for 4.5 minutes. Each minute symbolized an hour that Michael Brown's body laid in the street.

on-site reporting done by Anisha Nandi

interviews and updates to come. 

Former Senior Advisor for John Kerry visits U of M

For WOLV-TV, I recently covered David Makovsky's visit to U of M. I interviewed Makovsky about his experiences as a former senior advisor on John Kerry's peace-team and his current speaking initiatives across the nation. I conducted an extended interview with Makovsky, shot his lecture at U of M and edited together this video package that night. Here is the video package and keep an eye out for the full interview soon. One particularly rewarding and exhilarating part of this piece was that a previous source, pleased with my earlier coverage of an event, reached out to me to cover this event. 

Coming Up 

I will be reporting on the Holocaust Speaking engagement at U of M. With the studio space soon at our disposal, we'll be up and running with weekly broadcasts but for now we're taking our reporting on the road. Keep an eye out for this story and other video packages for WOLV. 

Update on WOLV-TV's new studio space

WOLV-TV is excited to announce we have a new office space in North Quad! This enables us to have access to the high quality equipment that the SAC department houses. WOLV-TV is currently taking their reporting on the road during this transitionary period. We should be up and broadcasting again within the next few weeks.

Athletic Director Rally at U of M: "Fire Brandon" 

Recently there was a rally with over 200 students storming the Diag and then the president's lawn demanding that Dave Brandon, U of M's athletic director, be fired. With recent controversy surrounding ticket policies and ignored injuries of players, students are demanding that a new athletic director and eventually football coach be appointed. WOLV-TV was on the scene to cover the protests. Video credit to WOLV reporter Lexie Wierenga. 

Coverage on President Obama's 2014 Visit to U of M

It was an incredible opportunity to cover President Obama's speech and arrival at U of M. Footage of Air Force One landing coming soon!

VP Joe Biden Speaks at the North American International Auto Show 

The Newsfeed men anchored this episode of Newfeed. Around 21 minutes in you can find the rough edit of our video package on Vice President Joe Biden's speech at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. I worked tirelessly to get us press credentialed for this event, and it was definitely worth it. With Franciso Guzzman's help, we were able to get WOLV-TV on the scene. 

UM Divest Movement and Protests

Earlier this year, there was a movement called UMDivest which called for the University of Michigan to Divest from companies supporting Israeli causes in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The organization held a sit-in the the Central Student Government chambers after their proposal was tabled. This sit-in occurred during Newsfeed's Debate Special between Central Student Government candidates. Coverage of the event during the CSG special begins at 31:43.

Being that this escalating conflict was at the doorstep of our dorms, I believed it was necessary to have someone on the scene feeding live updates and footage during the debate. With limited equipment, we were still able to make it work. It was certainly one of the most exhilarating, charged and compromising environment to do field reporting in. Neutrality as a field reporter became a priority as I realized this situation was affecting so many students of U of M. Students who rubbed elbows at dining halls and shared lecture notes in class were suddenly ferociously polarized opponents. It was an incredibly delicate, heated yet exciting case to cover live, especially at such a pivotal time as an election. 

Interview with previous American Idol Contestant Jayne Jaeger

In the episode of Wake up with Wolv above I did an interview with Jayne Jaeger, an Opera performer who was recently on American Idol. She's also a U of M student pursuing a dual degree in Communications. 

Spoon University visits WOLV-TV

Here's a fun food segment I hosted on our morning show for our Thanksgiving special. As a food-lover, I'll admit, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to snag a treat in these segments.